Useful Links

Mindbuilders - Interactive approach to empower parents to manage emotions, difficult feelings and behaviour

Free Association Books Publisher

The PLAY Project - Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters

Dr. Solomon’s Centre
- Empowering parents, therapists and professionals

Confronting ‘That Autism Thing’  National Public Radio article.

National Autistic Society

Action for Autism (AFA) - the pioneering, national, non-profit autism organisation of India

Dr Stanley Greenspan - Autism Specialist

The Floortime Foundation - reaching beyound Autism

Floortime - Teaching children with autism: building play partnerships

Floortime - Childhood Disabilities: Early Identification and Intervention - The "Greenspan" Floor Time Model

Jane - Floortime Play Therapy

The Mifne Center - institute that pioneered a method for the treatment of autism in the young child

The Autism Treatment Center of America - The Son-Rise Program

The Tomatis Method - for ADD, Dyslexia and Autism

The Listening Centre - specialising in voice, music and language using methods based on the published works of Alfred A Tomatis

The EASIE Programme is designed for all children aged between three and seven. It helps to develop balance and co-ordination, memory, concentration and organization and prepares a child for learning.

Fledglings can help by giving information and advice about products to help with your child’s specific development and learning needs or your needs as a carer. In addition we may be able to order and supply those items or refer you to another source of supply.  We specialise in finding those unusual items which may not be easily available elsewhere or those designed specially for children with additional needs.  All sorts of good quality toys, small and big, indoor and outdoor, movement and symbolic and be found on this website. This quick check list is designed to help you identify some of the aspects that your child may be having difficulty with, both at school or at home. a press release from the The Developmental Practitioners’ Association


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