Sibylle Janert, MA

                       … is a Psychologist and Autism Specialist, with extensive
                       practical, academic & research experience of working ‘on her hands
                       and  knees’ with children on the autistic spectrum, using a
                       child-centered approach with a focus on communication based on a
                       wide range of methods and ideas.

                       Sibylle is the founding director of MindBuilders, a small third sector organisation based in East London, where she has been commissioned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to provide family-centred intensive early autism intervention to parents with a young autistic child.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience with children with autistic behaviours and their families Sibylle offers individualised Home Consultations to families with a child with autism or similar difficulties at the family’s home as well as training and consultations to educational and other organisations.

Sibylle is a licensed PLAY-Project Home Consultant and has studied directly with Dr. Solomon, the founder of the PLAY-Project. She also holds an MA in Infant Mental Health (Tavistock) and has been a licensed 'NAS EarlyBird' trainer in the past.

Sibylle is the author of a practical parent-book ‘Reaching the Young Autistic Child’ (FAB, 2000) and 2 picture-books for parents ‘In the Family’ and ‘Autism in the Family’ (see Resources).

Sibylle understands autism not as a ‘thing’ or defect a child ‘has’, but as an early developmental disorder with much potential for change (regardless of aetiology), i.e. the earlier the better, because ‘The brain doesn’t wait’.

Sibylle’s psycho-educational approach incorporates many elements from Greenspan’s DIR-Floortime Model and Dr. Solomon’s PLAY-Project as well as infant mental health and modern psychoanalytic understanding. Her focus is on helping parents, as the most important people in every child’s life, to encourage communication and relationship- building with their child, to understand what the puzzling autistic behaviours are about, and how to support the child to make the most of his/her developmental potential.

Sibylle runs regular training sessions in Tower Hamlets, and provides workshops and consultations to various organisations. She has also given talks in elsewhere in England as well as in Scotland, Germany, Swaziland/Africa, Calcutta/India, Dhaka/Bangladesh and La Paz/Bolivia.


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